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Case Study

Client: sexy Sound healing


Sexy Sound Healing is an audio streaming service revolutionizing the sound healing experience.

I was contracted over a period of 7 months to create original works across many genres that incorporated healing frequencies for the end users.

client needs

  • create a catalog blending multi-genre music with healing sound frequencies

  • fast: tight weekly turnaround with multi-genre music

  • ability to compose main-stream music over specific healing frequencies

  • someone who could produce segues/ transitions along up to 60min audios designed for a complete healing journey experience

what i did:

  • produced audios in various genres including, pop, rock, blues, dance, afrobeats, dubstep, and new age

  • engineered spoken meditations over emotional journeys produced

  • created cinematic experiences people could be the hero of their stories

  • met regularly with client to ensure on-time (or early) delivery and the highest quality experience for the end user



  • created the overall brand sound

  • built out their proprietary catalog of over 50hrs of music

  • created brand jingle

  • produced songs for syndication their company podcast

In The Client's Words:

"Nathan's demeanor is laid back, and he delivers on time. He has never missed a deadline. He brings an enthusiastic ear to curating what will be the consumer/user experience."

"Communicative, asks good questions when needed."

"Understands and listens to many genres of music, which we needed for this project. He would dive into studying sounds and relevant rhythmic patterns to create authentic sounds in less mainstream genres he hadn’t produced in before and we were more satisfied with the final product."

I'm excited to work with you!
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