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1-Stop Producer/Composer/Songwriter For Hire

Sync Licensing


I have a growing catalogue of sync-friendly songs available to license for your commercial, film, television show, video game, podcast, or other media project. All songs are one-stop, easy clearance to ensure you can get the tune you love without any delay! If you would like to use any of the songs listed to the right for your project, or would like to inquire about additional songs in the catalogue email me.



If you're looking to commission an original song for your project, hire a composer for your film or tv show, or you're an artist or represent an artist looking for the next hit song, I've got you covered! I write, compose, and produce songs in many different genres including Folk, Indie, Americana, Pop, Funk, Soul, Classical, and Rock. Let me know how I can help!

Production Case Study

Client: Sexy Sound Healing

Audio streaming service for who I produced original audios for their B2B & B2C users as well as sync for their company podcast. To the right is just a small sampling of the many diverse audios I created for Sexy Sound Healing. Read more about the work I did for Sexy Sound Healing HERE.

About Me

About Me

When I was a little kid I used to harmonize with the sound of my mom vacuuming. As strange as that sounds, I often wonder if that contributed to my ability to learn and play music by ear. And I certainly have my parents to thank for getting me piano lessons when I was 6 years old, as that helped solidify my lifelong curiosity for music. Since then I've learned to play a bunch of different instruments, composed and recorded a handful of records, performed at many music venues across the country as a solo artist as well as in various bands, and most recently self produced an ever-growing catalogue of songs and audios equating to over 50 hours of music. What can I say, I love music!



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